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Welcome to 3DiY. We hope to use this blog to help expand the experience of the young people in the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network with Do-It-Yourself 3D technology. The fellowship is a new program and we are launching this outreach project in the spirit of the Computer Clubhouse’s long held credo of creating and exploring with technology. To date, the the primary web-based connection tool for thousands of young people in our network has been a closed, intranet village. This site is intended to expand that experience and segue young enthusiasts in 3D into the broader spectrum of 3D experimentation. Hopefully 3DiY will attract like-minded people of any age outside of our network who are experimenting with or producing 3D related projects who will join us here and share their work and ideas or just point us to other interesting realms of 3D.

As part of the fellowship’s guidelines, this year’s fellows, Leontyne Robinson (Atlanta, GA, USA) and Fred Riedel (New York, NY, USA), will be regularly posting projects, how-to’s, webinars, links to related work outside of our network, and originating relevant discussions. Leontyne (3D modeling) and Fred (video) have disparate but complimentary skills and intend at some point during this first year of the fellowship to combine their separate interests to launch an expansive video based 3D project emphasizing a DIY approach wherein the thousands of young people enrolled in the Computer Clubhouse programs around the world, and anyone else, can come together to virtually emulate the assembly line nature of 3D film production.

Ideally the 3DiY blog will stimulate ongoing discussions between young people, Clubhouse administrators, technology professionals and committed amateurs to bring in some fresh, web-wide thinking and share an enthusiasm for making exciting, independent 3D productions.