Thursday, April 1, 2010 Back to the Past

Due to the recent outcry regarding a public take-over of the internet, and anticipated congressional rollbacks in this realm, 3DiY will soon cease to function in 3 dimensions. Lacking government support of bandwidth and other structural elements of the internet, discussions and demonstrations of multi-dimensional space will no longer be supported after the deadline is announced (sometime after April First).To comply with the new rulings we will have to convert the blog to 2D and phase out all stereoscopy (you'll never hear that word again on this blog) and all of the wiggling animation, etc. Demonstrations of multi-dimensional activities will have to be viewed in 1 or 2D only (Tip: close one eye when watching demos, or just train your mind to hear/see a 1 or 2 in front of the D every time the term 3D appears on the blog). Petitions to return 3D to the web will soon be issued at all movie theaters, public web kiosks and doctors' offices. Please be ready to sign up and support the return of 3D to the web.

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