Tuesday, May 18, 2010 How to Make Anaglpyh (Red/Blue) 3D Glasses

Here's a short/sweet video I found that shows you all you need to know in about a minute. You'll need a pair or two of these for our upcoming posts. And you might want to pick up some Curtis Mayfield audio files for background music when you're making your glasses (it definitely makes a difference).

If you're like me, or you have a personal shopper, you can order the glasses in bulk from the same place we keep getting them from:


Here's a link to a world of anaglyph imagery and fun stuff:


Most of the sample images here and elsewhere that I've found on the web are pretty much limited to the 3D effect happening behind the plane of the screen; not much seems to be "coming at ya." I've also found that to often be the case with some of the attempts I've made in this area. However, John Watkinson (a volunteer/mentor at our clubhouse) and I (but mostly him) have been developing a new "recipe" for adding more modeled depth to 3D anaglyph imagery that definitely captures the illusion of space both within and in front of the screen. The results so far have been pretty impressive. The next post will be a demo of that technique using a hand-held, point and shoot digital camera and Photoshop. The results are fairly easy to achieve and can be accomplished by anyone with even a minimal grasp of the camera or the software. Stay tuned.

Other activities that go nicely with Curtis Mayfield's music: styling, interpersonal relationships, beverage appreciation, chilling, driving, serious thinking or light banter, admiring flowing patterns of smoke, strolling purposefully down the street, etc., etcetera. Please feel free to expand this list in the comments.

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Here's the REAL story on how 3d glasses work!

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