Monday, September 27, 2010 3D Portraits at the World Maker Faire 2010

A few of us from the HCCI Computer Clubhouse headed over to the big, gi-mongus DIY fest in Queens to run a little booth making 3d portraits. Anyone who came by our table and wanted to feel the 3d flow got snapped and photoshopped right before their paralaxed eyes (except for the one guy who had no depth perception, poor guy). Anyway, we were busy, as you can see from the photos and only stopped doing portraits when we ran out of glasses. The faire was a blast and if you were there, you probably had an incredible day. If you weren't, there's always the internet...

Your 3d Portrait crew consisted of Omar Diallo, Tyler Glover, John Watkinson, and moi. You shoulda been there.

If you want to try this at home, follow the video tutorial right here on this blog. Enjoy.

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Keith said...

Here is a photoshop action that John Watkinson created to anaglyph your layers:

To use a photoshop action, follow these instructions:

Fred Riedel said...

Thanks for getting that Photoshop script up and made available. It worked great when we imported it into our imac running cs5. It was a very simple import through the actions window. BUT, the script only gets you as far as a layered psd document at the full size of the original photos (which are often much bigger than you would need to post on the web, if that's your goal). SUGGESTION, after finishing the script, use the save for web feature in photoshop to create a jpeg version of your 3d photo, and also resize at this step to something reasonable (we've been using 1000 pixels/height). If you're handy w/Photoshop, you can add this save feature to the script and make it all a single process. If you have any questions or issues w/this process, post them here and we'll try to resolve them. Have fun.

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